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Welcome to the website of "Educación y Futuro" !

What are the objectives of EDYFU ?

“EDUCACIÓN Y FUTURO” (EDYFU) as a non-governmental Bolivian organisation founded in 1994 and officially recognised in 1997. The objective of our program is to help disadvantaged families that live in the periphery of the city Tarija, developing with them projects to support the education of the children. EDYFU tries to focus on the education and schooling of young people. We think that here lies the key to permit the families to get out of the vicious circle of poverty.

To fulfil this goal, we created two programs, each one including projects related to social assistance.

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Enfants venus au dispensaire de La Libellule

The centre "La Libélula"

Daniela une bénéficiaire du centre Amanecer

The centre "Amanecer"

You already know EDYFU and you want to help us?

Social volunteering

You like working with children, travelling, meeting new people, Latin American vibes,… and you want to invest some of your time in a project related to education?

Sponsor a child

You like to talk, write letters, discover the lives of others and want to donate some of your money to help a child in need?

Make a donation

You are interested in EDYFU’s projects but you don’t have the time to visit us in Bolivia yet you want to help us with donations ?

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